Cooking for a Non-Believer

I hate cooking. No joke. It takes so much time, there are never the right ingredients in the cupboard, 3 separate trips to the store never seem to add up to the proper supplies, and when they finally do, I inevitably burn something.

However, I LOVE having good food to eat! This year I set out on a whole new adventure... being a Stay at Home Mom. This has been much more challenging than I had initially anticipated, but out of the struggles have come many wonderful new developments, one of which is nap time! Nap time for my Munchkin varies greatly from day to day... sometimes it's only 20 minutes, sometimes it's 2 hours. So I have set out on a quest to learn to cook delicious food that is easy to make and that I can finish preparing before the little one wakes up. Through this quest I have made a startling discovery: I am a good cook! I still don't like cooking, but I feel a little bit less bitter towards cooking since finding a small amount of confidence. If you are in the same boat, maybe some of these easy-peasy recipes will help you build your cooking confidence as well!


Cheesy Chicken
Crock Pot Creamy Mushroom Chicken
Total Cheater-Pants Chicken Pot Pie
Peanut-Crusted Chicken
Baby Finger Food
Baby Mac 'n Cheese